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"Blooming Despite Adversity." 


1 Kings 11: 36 CJB

To his son I will give one tribe, so that David my servant will always have a light burning before me in Yerushalayim, the city I chose for myself as the place to put my name. 

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This new version of "Jerusalem of Gold" was arranged by Ofer Shriki and sung by Israeli soprano Keren Hadar. The video contains actual radio recordings from the Six-Day War, plus scenes from the new CBN docudrama "In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem," released on May 23 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

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Pray For The Peace Of Yerushalayim 

​I can`t describe it.  I'm on fire for my G-d! As we are HIS, so is the Country He gave us. It is part of me it's in my DNA.

If you see me you see my G-d and my Country! You can't split it!

My call?

Being a D'Vorah is about being a leader a general in times of war, and being  a mom. Praying and serving to get those who are not yet, or who have drifted away, back into the heart of the Father, who left their roots because of all the persecution, who left our G-d because of the same reason!
During the 6 days war Abba gave me a word in my heart
That war was totally directed by our G-d! A miracle because of HIS favor and HIS hand!
The fire is burning in my heart.

In My Poetry Album In 1967 During The 6 Days War In Israel. He Who Promised Is Faithful.















Rare video document of the liberated Jewish survivors of Buchenwald "1945" who tried to join Eretz Israel. Before their arrest they will hoist the flag of Israel and sing the Hatikvah "hope", the song that will become the official  anthem of the State of Israel in 2004.


Interesting old (Dutch) book (in Latin) on the land of Israel in 1696 written by Dutch researcher Reeland. 

“Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata” – a detailed geographical survey of Palestine in 1696 written in Latin by Adriaan Reland published by Willem Broedelet, Utrecht, in 1714.

Residents of the region mainly concentrated in cities: Jerusalem, Acre, Safed, Jaffa, Tiberias and Gaza.

In most cities, the majority of residents are Christians, Jews and others, very few Muslims who were generally Bedouin, seasonal workers who came to serve as Seasonal workers in agriculture or building.

Nablus: 120 muslims, 70 Samaritans

Nazareth: 700 people – all Christians

Umm al-Fahm: 50 people -10 families, ALL Christian

Gaza: 550 people- 300 Jews,250 Christian(Jews engaged in agriculture, Christians deal with the trading and transporting the products)

Tiberias: 300 residents, all Jews.

Safed: about 200 inhabitants, all Jews

Jerusalem : 5000 people,most of them (3,500) Jews,the rest – Christian (1000) Muslim (500)

Source: Roberto Simon Haybert / Yochy Davis #theland #israel