Cathy Meijer, Hebrew Name D’Vorah Bat Ya'akov,
is the founder of the Dezerto Floro Foundation
- Desert Flower - 
Blossoming Despite Hardship

In 1994 G-d called her and set her apart in the apostolic and prophetic calling,
for the work to which He has called her. 

In 2006 Rev. Hendrik- Jan Van Mourik - Restoration Church - send her out as an Apostle Prophetess. 
Rev. Jacoba van Mourik blessed her with the Women Branch NiedGalah.
      The Daughters Of His Countenance. (WOP) Women Of Power In His Strength.

 In 2011 Rev. Paul van Beek of God’s Outreach Ministry Int. sent her into the D’Vorah call:
The Lord gave her the mandate to train and equip others ( male and female) to step into their call.
Prophecy, Advice, Coaching, Lectures, Contributing Author, Broadcasting. 

Training & Equipping (Church) Leadership — Leadership development.

 Her Ministry mandate: Isaiah 45 Rebuilding, Restoration, Reconciliation.

Jew and Goyim or Gentile Believers.

A single goal drives Cathy; to be an empty vessel in HIS hands. 

Mamme D`Vorah Coaching is based on observation and experience rather than theory or pure logic. 
It is all about receiving the wisdom that can be found in, and through, The Word of God! 
And coming to the end of self so that the Ruach Hakodesh can lead, and she follows and obeys.

His voice and HIS wisdom are all she needs!

Called by her Lord to be a mother to Israel, a voice in the wilderness, showing the world, Israel is not human-made but created by G-d for HIS purpose.
To shine HIS light to the nations. A baken of Hope! A Nation with a Divine purpose!

With gratitude to the Lord, Who has inspired Dr. Osung & Dr. David Ojelade to honor her with two degrees. 
DTh. & DD - Doctorate Honoris Causa.

But her title is Mamme Yiddish for mother. Being a shepherd to HIS flock.

Cathy grew up in the Christian faith. Not Catholic***
She discovered her Jewish roots as an adult. All by the grace of G-d.
The L-rd brought several Jewish men into her life who affirmed her calling and ministry in 1994.
And in 2005, the L-rd brought her to Israel.
She and Yochanan stayed with their dear friend, Paul, who then told her,
"The next time you visit us, it will be totally different." He did not say what he exactly meant.
The L-rd gave him the revelation that she would eventually find her roots and return to them.
And because of this revelation, he confirmed to her years later,
what she by now already knew herself, that she is Jewish.











Marianne, a dear friend, had to give her a box of antique crystal coasters with the David star engraved on them, which she had bought for herself.
But on Cathy's 50th birthday, the L-rd told her to give them to Cathy.
He spoke, "This once belonged to a Jewish family, and now it will return to a Jewish family."
***It was the L-rd who made her discover through a friend of the family that some were forced to convert to Catholicism in the line of ancestors.
*D'Vorah is married to *Yochanan since July 30th, 1990 - *Their Hebrew Names Yochanan became Jewish* -
She teaches from the Torah and the Brit'Chadashah because HaShem prepared her to do so.

 Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach

said to them, Therefore, every sofer (scribe, Torah teacher, rabbi) who becomes a talmid of the Malchut HaShomayim is like a man [who is] a Baal Bayit, who takes out of his otzar (treasure), chadashot (new things) and also yeshanot (old things).

                                 ✿OLD- TORAH✿ ✿NEW- BRIT'CHADASAH✿  Mattityahu 13:52

◦•●◉✿ Something To Ponder About
Those who understand you will know what you are trying to say ... Too often what people accuse you of eventually leads to the source in their own hearts and minds.
✿◉●•◦ - Mamme D'Vorah 



Y'did nefesh av harachaman, mshoch avdecha el rtzonecha,
yarutz avdecha kmo ayal, yish-tachaveh el mul hadarecha,
ye-erav lo ydidosecha, minofes tzuf vchol ta-am.

Hodur na-eh ziv ha-olam, nafshi cholas ahavasecha, ana El na rfa na lah, bhar-os lah noam zivecha, az tis-chazeik vsisrapei, vhaysah lah simchas olam.

Vasik yehemu rachamecha, vchusah na al bein ahuvecha, ki zeh kamah nichsof nichsafti, lir-os bsif-eres uzechcha, eileh chamdah libi, vchusah na val tis-alam.

Higaleh na ufros chavivi alai,
es sukas shlomecha, ta-ir eretz mikvodecha, nagilah vnism'chah bach, maheir ahuv ki va mo-eid, vchoneinu kimei olam.


Beloved of the soul, Compassionate Father, draw Your servant to Your will. Then Your servant will hurry like a hart to bow before Your majesty. To him, Your friendship will be sweeter than the dripping of the honeycomb and all taste.

Majestic, beautiful, radiance of the universe my soul is sick for your love. Please O G‑d, heal her now by showing her the pleasantness of Your radiance. Then she will be strengthened and healed and eternal gladness will be hers.

All worthy One — may Your mercy be aroused and please take pity on the son of Your beloved, because it is so very long that I have yearned intensely to see the splendor of Your strength, only these my heart desired, so please take pity and do not conceal Yourself.

Please be revealed and spread upon me, my Beloved, the shelter of Your peace that we may rejoice and be glad with You. Hasten, beloved, for the time has come, and show us grace as in days of old.

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