Join The Journey!
Experience The Wind Of Change


Who How What Action?!

Join The Journey!
Experience The Wind Of Change
Who How What Action?!
Who Can Join The Journey?
Answer: Everyone! 
This Journey Is About The Journey Of Life! 
Everyone can ask a question. If you need prayer* or a dream explained**, you can ask your question and share your issue.
From a mother to a businessman, a student to a leader,
anyone can have an issue that needs prayer and wisdom. 
*Once a week we have an intercession evening for the prayer requests.

**Dream Explanation?
You received a dream and did not know the meaning of it.
G-d gave Cathy the gift of interpreting dreams.

What kind Of Plan Can You Choose?
You can start with subscribing to the teachings and prophetic words or visit the website regularly. You can also use the contact form or email us directly to tell us what your problem is.
Everything is possible!
Privacy and integrity are essential to us.
We will never use your email address, phone number, name, home address, and any other identifying information for anything else.
We will only use your information for our reference for as long as contact with you is necessary. 
When we are coming to the end of our journey together, we will destroy everything, including email communications, addresses! 

        The Costs? 
G-d has taught us to serve! So we never ask for money.
If Abba ( Father) inspires you to give something,
you can donate to the foundation.
(on a not-for-profit basis) 

          ** The Boot Camp ** & the Lectures** 
      A donation for the work is appreciated!

Let's Take Action!
It is up to you now! We are here for you!

For Coaching And Advice
Including Business & Non-Believers 


If you recognize yourself in this: 
You are an emerging and or high-potential leader just starting on your leadership journey. 


Some Of Our Services: 
We help you to increase your self-awareness,
( who you are in HIM our Lord and what is HIS plan for your life) 
build relational skills,
and focus on identifying areas of improvement.
To recognize and to identify your ( leadership) skills and to confirm them. 
Group coaching is possible also to allow emerging leaders to grow together,
and learn to serve, to listen, and very important to communicate.

Mentoring for servant leadership. Faith-Based.
Also for Ministries and Foundations.
Our mandate is to send you out in your (new) assignment. 
| Lectures |Solutions In Difficult Situations | Divine Advice Established Recognized Leadership | Mentoring New Leaders |


Tuesday and Wednesday

2.00 - 5.00 PM 
14.00 - 17.00 CET
Skype Appointments Or At The Office


Mamme D`Vorah`s Coaching  
CET =  Central Europe Time 


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