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D'Vorah takes you on a journey that will take your breath away!
It will show you deep pits and high mountains.
But the end of the journey will show you the result;
The Fatherheart of G-d!

After years of walking with the LORD, studying His word, understanding His Voice, I suddenly understood how many generations have been under the influence of things that happened in the line of ancestors, and in people's own lives.
I noticed time and again how clean the LORD makes us when we give Him the opportunity to do so.
If we can recognize and acknowledge certain sinfull things and confess it to Him, lives are changed!
Even those who have not (yet) adopted the LORD will at least get a chance to recognize Him better!
And when the person being prayed with also acknowledges sins on behalf of the forefathers
--- This happens on revelation given by our LORD,--- black veils of corruption and injustice are removed in the heavenly places.


I remember a young lady who came to me because everything in her life was constantly going wrong.
Certainly in the financial field, but in any case, there was a battle, constantly that battle.
The LORD revealed to me that a sin had been committed in her family line that had never been acknowledged. They had stolen from "the apple of his eye" in WWII! 
When the Jewish people were taken from their homes, they were forced to leave everything behind.
Likewise, in this family. But they had agreed with their neighbors to make a false 'purchase contract.'
The house was supposedly 'sold,' but behind the false contracts was the promise that if the Jews returned, the house could just be occupied by them again.
Records made after the Second World War showed mercilessly - that our small country (Netherlands) had accumulated a large debt due to its behavior.
Because "they" did not keep the promise, houses were not returned, furniture and all other stuff were looted and never returned.
So too in this young lady's family, such things had happened, as the Lord had revealed to me.
When I had to tell her this, she was very shocked, because she loved Father's people.
We immediately prayed, and she confessed this enormous debt on behalf of her family. She humbled herself on their behalf and asked forgiveness!
Three weeks after our congregational prayer, I received an e-mail from her in which she testified that there had been a significant breakthrough in her life.
She told me, "I have other work with an opportunity to study and with a higher stipend than I've ever received!"

1st Book Published in 2009 Language Dutch.
Revised version expected mid-2023.  Language English
Under the name D'Vorah Meijer her Hebrew Name.

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D'Vorah submits her columns and teachings to magazines