Frequently asked questions

Do you work international?

Yes, we do. We can make an appointment, using WhatsApp and other apps. Audio or Video.

Must I pay for an appointment?

We work on a non-profit basis, with our foundation DezertoFloro ( Desert Flower)
Blooming Despite Adversity. A donation is highly appreciated.

What happens with my personal information?

When we finish our journey together, we keep your information for a year. So, if you need some more training or advice, we can find important information, received during the first session. If you do not want this, you can ofcourse object to this.
If you come back at a later date you can't expect from us
to remember anything shared during our first session.
Deleting important notes is done at your request and is, therefore, your responsibility. You can't come back on that later or blame us. Your email address, telephone number, home address, and residence details will be destroyed as soon as we stop coaching and /or advise. We will never provide or sell this information to third parties.

Is it confidential what we talk about?

Yes, it is! We will never talk to others about what we have been sharing during our sessions.
If it should be necessary for the benefit of the coaching session, to talk with someone else, or to ask someone else for advice, this will be discussed with you! If you ask someone else to come and sit with us ( mediation between persons or asking for advice in difficult situations, you can never count us responsible, for the actions of other family members or in case of business issues, the actions of another fellow worker.