Quotes From Mamme D'Vorah

Perseverance cannot be bought; it is the natural result after taking a long journey with many obstacles.

- Mamme D'Vorah 

Promises uttered but never fulfilled, carried by the wind, eventually disappear in the forest called
"Never Said Never Happened". ~~ Mamme D'Vorah 

When there are only walls, and the door is closed, you create a window of hope! Never give up!- Mamme D'Vorah 

The roof is carried by the pillars. But without the roof, the pillars will fall. When your team is motivated by your trust, and you understand they are an important part of the vision you launched, the company is secured. - Mamme D'Vorah

To be successful in G-d’s Kingdom, one needs to align with G-d, not man.
~~ Mamme D'Vorah 

Listen Follow & Obey 

Go where G-d leads you to, just obey Him. HE will show you that He already MADE a trail you only have to walk in it.

 - Mamme D'Vorah