Working Towards a Brighter Future

The following core values ​​are the basis for the Code of Conduct:

Modern Architecture

1. We lead by example - by behaving in a way that demonstrates in WHOM we believe and what we expect from each other and from those who made an account on our website(s).

2, We work together - by stimulating each other to pray with and for each other and build a strong and successful working relationship.

3. We respect each other - by respecting people for who they are and their knowledge, skills, and experience.

4. We are open and honest in our communications - by exchanging information, insights, and advice and handling difficult situations candidly. Biggest tool: Prayer!

5. We are involved in society - by working in society and our skills, experience, and share views in society through our work.

6. But above all, we have integrity - by upholding the highest professional standards given to us by our G-d, providing sound (Rhema) advice, and ensuring our dependence on the Lord.