Cathy will take you on a personal journey, but also a journey which you,

as a fellow believer, as a seeker, also may take.

If you want to come into the Father heart of G-d! You will find stories, but also prophetic words, interspersed with articles and studies.

Let yourself be taken on a journey, which is breathtaking,
which can go deep, yielding peaks of joy and sometimes valleys filled with sorrow!

But the outcome will be glorious! Homecoming in the heart of the Father! You are invited to dance... 
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Foreword from Teus Schep ⁺ in my book published in 2009






Love has its own, wondrous reasons, which the mind does not know.
For example, what moved God right now to make that small, peculiar, people, called the Jews, His set-apart chosen ones? What did he saw in her, that he wanted her from all nations as a loving groom, and fought for her love?
Love is not to be counted. It does not care about how she finds the beloved. God says about it in the Bible:
Ezekiel 16 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
6 "'I passed by and saw you there, wallowing in your own blood; and as you lay in your blood, I said to you, "Live!" Yes, I said to you, as you lay in your blood, "Live!
Love is also patient. She cherishes the bride until that love makes her blossom.
That came to my mind when, at the request of Catharina, I was thinking about a foreword for her book.
She herself, a daughter of Tziyon, descendant of Abraham, not only by faith but also in physical, through the bloodline. There is much in her way through life which is only clear and understandable when you take her -being Jewish- into consideration. As if God wants to draw in her life how he will eventually focus on his people and will bless the nations.
The loneliness, the not being heard, as being somehow different, has hung from her earliest years as an unintended cloak around her.
And yes, like his people – and I must also join in this row – she has tasted the darkness and sin "...
When I saw how you lay there wallowing in your own blood, I spoke to you: "Keep living!" Yea, I said, "Stay Alive." God also said it to her. You also can read this in this book, which is her deep and clean testimony.
I got to know Catharina about five years ago. God brought us on each other's path. Together with Yochanan, her husband, we have served G-d in the board of the Teshuva Foundation for several years. And in that capacity, we came together every Wednesday evening for two years.
During those two years of weekly evenings, God has sharpened us. And oh, what was his grinding stone sometimes razor-sharp. But he worked things out through and in and with us. We increasingly died to self, and the flesh and more and more of The Lord Yeshua became visible in each of us.
What changed in yourself, you saw less – the others often had to make you aware – but how did I see Yochanan and especially Catharina change in those two years.
How much I have admired her honesty, right up to the bone, and without hesitation or further excuses, immediately confessing something that God showed her.
Then God can do a lot in and with you, if you bring even the most painful things, - whatever he shows you, - directly to him.
I was able to learn a lot from that, as most men have a tendency to wait to confess something when it almost "is uncontrollable." But what folly is that? What a non-trust of your heavenly Father, to whom you can tell everything, and who knows it all, how horrible something may seem to be.
You will find that Catharina also helps you in this book. Her honesty, and the many examples you can read, situations she went through herself.
The beauty is that not only the persuasive examples of her life in this book will touch your heart as a reader, but also compelling Bible studies and powerful prophetic words that Abba, Pappa in Dutch, gave her in recent years.
What you read is up to date. It does matter. It comes right out of the center of God's heart, and He also wants you to find that place.
The Lord Yeshua said some time ago to Catharina, "I come back soon, but there is still a certain amount of work to be done."
That is the tension His heartbeat – in all tranquility – which you will sense in this book.
The same passion Paul animated. Through which he wrote his letters. Yeshua is waiting to see His pure bride without blemish spot or wrinkle!
Catharina has, like a few others – even though fortunately more and more will follow – learned deeply, through many and lengthy lessons, that only resting at the heart of Yeshua and of Abba, Papa, the bride of the lamb becomes more visible in you.
Dying, dying to self, it doesn't seem like something to look forward to, but it is the process that the congregation of the Lord Yeshua must pass through at this moment.
Without that, you won't have a bride without a spot or wrinkle, who eagerly expects him!
This book helps you to see and understand this deeper...- because of being in the hands of God's Spirit, who is with you when you read and will help establish that reality vividly in you.
In these last days, our G-d does not only need a bride who is sanctified by him but also is filled with a longing expectation to meet the son from heaven, Yeshua also needs his bride to be deployed by him as an army. You'll also read about this in this book.
Papa wants to bring in another great harvest of souls from the non-Jewish peoples, before his son comes back, and before he also will live on earth and makes everything new here.
And then there is that last such essential issue. There comes a realm of Anti-Christ. Not only for the believers of the nations, but also Israel, his Jewish people, in these last days as they still have grim things in store, before they dance as a bride with him, as Catharina describes so nicely. Dark elements in which we are supposed to be a soldier, who follows the lamb, wherever he goes. We must have learned this so thoroughly, that Yeshua through us can help and bless them. And that they marvel at his Jewish, loving face through us! Through our helping hands, through our sacrifices, to the point of extreme.
God's love is faithful.
I believe that in his longing for all his Jewish people, this descendant of Abraham is called by Him in the same way as he did with Paul.
Romans 11:14 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
13 However, to those of you who are Gentiles I say this: since I myself am an emissary sent to the Gentiles, I make known the importance of my work 14 in the hope that somehow, I may provoke some of my own people to jealousy and save some of them! 
God's heart longs for them.
Would we, who come from out the nations of the world and also have been incorporated into God's household, not only let us be led to His heart, so tender, so intimately, but also need to have the same desire as our Father has for them, His Jewish people? To allow him, to let His love for them, sink in our hearts too?!
Thank God for books like this, who can help us in all these things, bringing the dance of the groom closer!
Therefore, at the end of this foreword, I say, "Dance, Catharina, dance...".
And: "Thank you for the dance lesson...                                                                                 
... For I also want to dance with him " Teus Schep Nieuwegein 2009

Teus Schep † 
Author of: 
Tesjoewa & God Huilt.

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