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Setbacks are the sparks that ignite your self-confidence. - Dr. Cathy Meijer

Catherine Miller

"I have known Cathy Meijer for many, many years. She is sincere and very dedicated. She helps all those that come to her and her door is always open."

Rodd Mann

​ Investor & Management Consultant 

I am pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of  Cathy Meijer.
Her dedication to the ministry exceeds expectations if you want a guest lecturer or someone to share Biblical perspective, understanding, and the wisdom that comes with the maturity of one who has walked closely with her Lord for years. 
I count myself blessed to know her and look forward to each and every post and comment that she shares. The Lord has mightily blessed her ministry. You too will be blessed by making her work a part of the high calling of serving the most high God.

Jaap Harteveld

Owner Take Care Administration

Dr. Cathy Meijer has everything a leader needs. Her vision reaches far and her leadership will give you insight into your own possibilities.
It broadens your outlook on the world and on yourself, so you will be built up and deeply encouraged.

Samuele Roncati 

Chief of Collection & Litigation

Cathy Meijer is a true daughter of God and Zion, she is completely committed to her faith, she has a big knowledge of the Bible, and is too a great Friend of Israel

Rev. Paul Van Beek 

God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.

The Lord Spoke To Me:
"Her Heavenly Names Are:
Naomi  Sweet and Pleasant 
Esther Humility Acceptance Servant 
Deborah Great Female Leader and deeply used to bring directions and encouragement." 

God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.

Professor Mirela Vlastelica

Professor  Ph.D. MD
Private Psychiatric Practice, Split, Croatia; Associate Professor at School of Medicine, University of Split

Cathy Meijer is a real expert in her field, knowing Scripture and applying her knowledge to help people and to help to spread the Word of God in a comprehensive way with great lecturer’s abilities.

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