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Always Be Thankful?! Or ... Honest!?

Today was one of those days where everything really went wrong.

And when I got on LinkedIn, I read all kinds of posts that talked about being grateful.

Now, this is the case with LinkedIn very often, that you read about a certain subject a hundred times.

For example, if someone starts a POLL, you will have your entire feed filled with them in no time.

That's how it happened today, with the subject:


Let me give an example. I have children, but they did not come out of my belly; they were born in my heart and are my children for the full 100%.

Someone once said to me, "Why don't you adopt? There are so many children without parents?" To which I said, "Why do you have four of your own, why not two from your belly, and then two adopted? There are so many children without parents?"

Read further below the image, but in this case, I also say, read the image calmly and carefully before you continue reading my column.

Message on LinkedIn but source of the image unknown

The message on the image you see here was sent on LinkedIn, and this is my answer:

I know what it means to walk down the street with no roof over my head, seeking shelter, and it has happened more than once.

I once had a stroke and know what it means not to be able to speak,

or how it feels to try to read right after the stroke.

I know what it's like to have to say goodbye because you're going to die, and it's happened several times; I've had to eat, - or at least lick at them, - almost all the candies, offered out of the box called LIFE.

Do you catch my drift?

Yet, I can have one of those days when everything goes wrong, and then I struggle to be thankful.

And do you know what happens then? Then I realize all the more that I can lean on the Beloved. When I am weak, HE is strong. We are humans, and we make mistakes and are not always thankful; that's why our LORD died for us so we can live!

Thanks to a doctor who treated me, I learned that we can also vent our sorrows and express our frustrations.

He literally said: "You should never weigh someone's grief with someone else's problem."

Together with my husband, we have counseled people. And we taught them that you can be angry or frustrated, even if you see things in other people's lives that seem to be "worse."

I also have seen people hide their grief and frustration for many years until they got ill because we need to be honest; otherwise, we get so frustrated that it will make us sick.

We can also be honest in our prayers! If we dare to speak to our LORD in all honesty.

Abba ( Father) spoke to me when I was just His child, and I never forgot what He said:

"Most of My children pray the holiest prayers, but they forget about the fact that the 'Great I Am' can read their heart."

Yes, He already can read in your heart what you try to hide wrapped in beautiful words.

But HE wants us to be honest, so HE can change and heal us.

That is the difference between Religion and Relation.

Hiding your real feelings and “playing you are holy,” or honesty and being pure, as a child.

Gut Shabbes!

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Tehillim 39 תְּהִלִּים

א לַמְנַצֵּחַ לידיתון (לִידוּתוּן), מִזְמוֹר לְדָוִד.1 For the Leader, for Jeduthun. A Psalm of David.

ב אָמַרְתִּי-- אֶשְׁמְרָה דְרָכַי, מֵחֲטוֹא בִלְשׁוֹנִי:

אֶשְׁמְרָה לְפִי מַחְסוֹם-- בְּעֹד רָשָׁע לְנֶגְדִּי.2 I said: 'I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue; {N}

I will keep a curb upon my mouth, while the wicked is before me.'

ג נֶאֱלַמְתִּי דוּמִיָּה, הֶחֱשֵׁיתִי מִטּוֹב; וּכְאֵבִי נֶעְכָּר.3 I was dumb with silence; I held my peace, had no comfort; and my pain was held in check.

ד חַם-לִבִּי, בְּקִרְבִּי--בַּהֲגִיגִי תִבְעַר-אֵשׁ; דִּבַּרְתִּי, בִּלְשׁוֹנִי.4 My heart waxed hot within me; while I was musing, the fire kindled; then spoke I with my tongue:

ה הוֹדִיעֵנִי יְהוָה, קִצִּי--וּמִדַּת יָמַי מַה-הִיא; אֵדְעָה, מֶה-חָדֵל אָנִי.5 'LORD, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; let me know how short-lived I am.

ו הִנֵּה טְפָחוֹת, נָתַתָּה יָמַי-- וְחֶלְדִּי כְאַיִן נֶגְדֶּךָ;

אַךְ כָּל-הֶבֶל כָּל-אָדָם, נִצָּב סֶלָה.6 Behold, Thou hast made my days as hand-breadths; and mine age is as nothing before Thee; {N}

surely every man at his best estate is altogether vanity. Selah

ז אַךְ-בְּצֶלֶם, יִתְהַלֶּךְ-אִישׁ-- אַךְ-הֶבֶל יֶהֱמָיוּן;

יִצְבֹּר, וְלֹא-יֵדַע מִי-אֹסְפָם.7 Surely man walketh as a mere semblance; surely for vanity they are in turmoil; {N}

he heapeth up riches, and knoweth not who shall gather them.

ח וְעַתָּה מַה-קִּוִּיתִי אֲדֹנָי-- תּוֹחַלְתִּי, לְךָ הִיא.8 And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope, it is in Thee.

ט מִכָּל-פְּשָׁעַי הַצִּילֵנִי; חֶרְפַּת נָבָל, אַל-תְּשִׂימֵנִי.9 Deliver me from all my transgressions; make me not the reproach of the base.

י נֶאֱלַמְתִּי, לֹא אֶפְתַּח-פִּי: כִּי אַתָּה עָשִׂיתָ.10 I am dumb, I open not my mouth; because Thou hast done it.

יא הָסֵר מֵעָלַי נִגְעֶךָ; מִתִּגְרַת יָדְךָ, אֲנִי כָלִיתִי.11 Remove Thy stroke from off me; I am consumed by the blow of Thy hand.

יב בְּתוֹכָחוֹת עַל-עָוֺן, יִסַּרְתָּ אִישׁ-- וַתֶּמֶס כָּעָשׁ חֲמוּדוֹ;

אַךְ הֶבֶל כָּל-אָדָם סֶלָה.12 With rebukes dost Thou chasten man for iniquity, and like a moth Thou makest his beauty to consume away; {N}

surely every man is vanity. Selah

יג שִׁמְעָה תְפִלָּתִי יְהוָה, וְשַׁוְעָתִי הַאֲזִינָה--

אֶל-דִּמְעָתִי, אַל-תֶּחֱרַשׁ:

כִּי גֵר אָנֹכִי עִמָּךְ; תּוֹשָׁב, כְּכָל-אֲבוֹתָי.13 Hear my prayer, O LORD, and give ear unto my cry; {N}

keep not silence at my tears; {N}

for I am a stranger with Thee, a sojourner, as all my fathers were.

יד הָשַׁע מִמֶּנִּי וְאַבְלִיגָה-- בְּטֶרֶם אֵלֵךְ וְאֵינֶנִּי.14 Look away from me, that I may take comfort, before I go hence, and be no more.'

Tehillim 51

1 For the conductor, a song of David.אלַֽ֜מְנַצֵּ֗חַ מִזְמ֥וֹר לְדָוִֽד:2When Nathan the prophet came to him when he went to Bath-sheba.בבְּב֣וֹא אֵ֖לָיו נָתָ֣ן הַנָּבִ֑יא כַּֽאֲשֶׁר־בָּ֜֗א אֶל־בַּת־שָֽׁבַע:3Be gracious to me, O God, according to Your kindness; according to Your great mercies, erase my transgressions.גחָנֵּ֣נִי אֱלֹהִ֣ים כְּחַסְדֶּ֑ךָ כְּרֹ֥ב רַֽ֜חֲמֶ֗יךָ מְחֵ֣ה פְשָׁעָֽי:4Wash me thoroughly of my iniquity, and purify me of my sin.ד֖הֶֽרֶב (כתיב הֶרֶבה) כַּבְּסֵ֣נִי מֵֽעֲו‍ֹנִ֑י וּמֵ֖חַטָּאתִ֣י טַֽהֲרֵֽנִי:5For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.הכִּֽי־פְ֖שָׁעַי אֲנִ֣י אֵדָ֑ע וְחַטָּאתִ֖י נֶגְדִּ֣י תָמִֽיד:

6Against You alone have I sinned, and I have done what is evil in Your sight, in order that You be justified in Your conduct, and right in Your judgment.ולְךָ֚ לְבַדְּךָ֨ | חָטָ֗אתִי וְהָרַ֥ע בְּעֵינֶ֗יךָ עָ֫שִׂ֥יתִי לְמַעַֽן־תִּצְדַּ֥ק בְּדָבְרֶ֑ךָ תִּזְכֶּ֥ה בְשָׁפְטֶֽךָ:7Behold, with iniquity I was formed, and with sin my mother conceived me.זהֵן־בְּעָו֥וֹן חוֹלָ֑לְתִּי וּ֜בְחֵ֗טְא יֶֽחֱמַ֥תְנִי אִמִּֽי:8Behold, You desired that truth be in the hidden places, and in the concealed part You teach me wisdom.חהֵ֣ן אֱ֖מֶת חָפַ֣צְתָּ בַטֻּח֑וֹת וּ֜בְסָתֻ֗ם חָכְמָ֥ה תוֹדִיעֵֽנִי:9Purify me with a hyssop, and I will become pure; wash me, and I will become whiter than snow.טתְּחַטְּאֵ֣נִי בְאֵז֣וֹב וְאֶטְהָ֑ר תְּ֜כַבְּסֵ֗נִי וּמִשֶּׁ֥לֶג אַלְבִּֽין:10Make me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that You crushed exult.יתַּשְׁמִיעֵנִי שָׂשׂ֣וֹן וְשִׂמְחָ֑ה תָּ֜גֵ֗לְנָה עֲצָמ֥וֹת דִּכִּֽיתָ:11Hide Your countenance from my sins, and erase all my iniquities.יאהַסְתֵּ֣ר פָּ֖נֶיךָ מֵֽחֲטָאָ֑י וְכָל־עֲוֹ֖נֹתַ֣י מְחֵֽה:12Create for me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.יבלֵ֣ב טָ֖הוֹר בְּרָא־לִ֣י אֱלֹהִ֑ים וְר֥וּחַ נָ֜כ֗וֹן חַדֵּ֥שׁ בְּקִרְבִּֽי:13Do not cast me away from before You, and do not take Your holy spirit from me.יגאַל־תַּשְׁלִיכֵ֥נִי מִלְּפָנֶ֑יךָ וְר֥וּחַ קָ֜דְשְׁךָ֗ אַל־תִּקַּ֥ח מִמֶּֽנִּי:14Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and let a noble spirit support me.ידהָשִׁ֣יבָה לִּ֖י שְׂשׂ֣וֹן יִשְׁעֶ֑ךָ וְר֥וּחַ נְדִיבָ֣ה תִסְמְכֵֽנִי:15I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will return to You.טואֲלַמְּדָ֣ה פֹֽשְׁעִ֣ים דְּרָכֶ֑יךָ וְ֜חַטָּאִ֗ים אֵלֶ֥יךָ יָשֽׁוּבוּ:16Save me from blood, O God, the God of my salvation; let my tongue sing praises of Your charity.טזהַצִּילֵ֚נִי מִדָּמִ֨ים | אֱֽלֹהִ֗ים אֱלֹהֵ֥י תְשׁוּעָתִ֑י תְּרַנֵּ֥ן לְ֜שׁוֹנִ֗י צִדְקָתֶֽךָ:17O Lord, You shall open my lips, and my mouth will recite Your praise.יזאֲדֹנָי שְׂפָתַ֣י תִּפְתָּ֑ח וּ֜פִ֗י יַגִּ֥יד תְּהִלָּתֶֽךָ:18For You do not wish a sacrifice, or I should give it; You do not desire a burnt offering.יחכִּ֚י | לֹא־תַחְפֹּ֣ץ זֶ֣בַח וְאֶתֵּ֑נָה ע֜וֹלָ֗ה לֹ֣א תִרְצֶֽה:19The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; O God, You will not despise a broken and crushed heart.יטזִֽבְחֵ֣י אֱלֹהִים֘ ר֪וּחַ נִשְׁבָּ֫רָ֥ה לֵב־נִשְׁבָּ֥ר וְנִדְכֶּ֑ה אֱ֜לֹהִ֗ים לֹ֣א תִבְזֶֽה:20With Your will, do good to Zion; build the walls of Jerusalem.כהֵיטִ֣יבָה בִֽ֖רְצֽוֹנְךָ אֶת־צִיּ֑וֹן תִּ֜בְנֶ֗ה חוֹמ֥וֹת יְרֽוּשָׁלִָֽם:21Then You will desire sacrifices of righteousness, a burnt offering and a whole offering; then they will offer up bulls on Your altar.כאאָ֚ז תַּחְפֹּ֣ץ זִבְחֵי־צֶ֖דֶק עוֹלָ֣ה וְכָלִ֑יל אָ֚ז יַֽעֲל֖וּ עַל־מִזְבַּֽחֲךָ֣ פָרִֽים: