Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Tzoharaim tovim ( Good Midday) everyone,

I pray you all are safe and sound in this time of trouble. #CoronaVirus.

This website is created at February 22 2019. After a long time of deep pruning! The Lord prunes us and our ministries, so more fruit can come! So I removed everything from the internet, including websites and so on. And had some years of rest and preparing for things to come.

Today the ministry and the foundation, the websites are blooming again! Thank you everyone! Subscribers, visitors, and those who ask for prayer and/ or asking a some help. Because of your trust we are able to serve our Lord again, by serving you!

Read more underneath the picture.

Before the pruning of the ministry, there were translators and a prayer-group who intercedes

for the work and things concerning and necessary for the ministry.

But things have changed in of our lives, during the years of pruning.

Some married, or became parents, found a regular job, and so on.

So in this area I need to start all over again!

But what I mostly am in need of now, is someone who is on Facebook!

Who can share the messages Abba gives me! Perhaps someone who can create a business page over there.

I know I can trust my Lord, as I see things changing rapidly in a good sense for His calling for me.

But I feel led, to ask for some prayer and help! If you are that person, or know someone who is wiling to do this, please, contact me. Using the contact -form of the website.

And those who want to pray with me in agreement to pray for the restoration of the previous blessings that were available in the ministry and foundation, such as a prayer-group, a translator, to send prophetic messages in Spanish? This would be so great!

In His love connected, stay safe, as you remain in Him as He our Lord will remain in us!


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