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Called by G-d in leadership?

Called by G-d in leadership?

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- It means you are a #servant

- It means often working behind the scenes for much of your day and not counting on applause!

- When people are disappointed, hurt, and angry, they blame you for everything. We call this "mirroring." What they accuse you of is what they do themselves, but they dare not face it honestly, much less discuss it with their Heavenly Father.

- You may not ask for money, you receive HIS wisdom for free and you share it freely! The LORD will put on people's hearts to support you.

- You serve with a happy and willing heart and always point out to your Father in Heaven!

- You do not choose your task yourself and do not send yourself, but wait for HIS agreed time.

He calls you and distinguishes you and others in leadership will recognize you and affirm your task. In this whole summary, you are the least.

It's all about serving the LORD and serving HIM, in serving HIS children.

" The Wind Of Change Series"

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