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Called Out Of The Cave!

Called Out of the Cave

I once had to send a message with the same title, in 2013 but it is rewritten (except for the part where the Lord speaks)

Torah-Portion: Exodus 33:12 – 34: 26 Ezekiel: 36: 37 – 37 : 14

1 Corinthians 5:7–8

We are in a time that we must realize that Abba is calling us out of our caves!

The Lord is asking us to come out of our safe groups and churches!

It is easy to love those who think and acting as you do.

For example, you are celebrating the Shabbat, and you believe in His calendar and His feasts. But how about loving those who come together on Sunday or celebrating Christmas?

The central point is Yeshua! Creation is longing for the Moshiach!

Stepping out of the cave means: to dare to reach hands towards each other, even when you think differently on certain subjects!

Only the Ruach Hakodesh, The Holy Spirit, can convince us what the truth is! Let go and let G-d!

Reading the Torah portion of this week, (Reading in 2013) we see how Moshe says that he only wants to go when he is sure that G-d goes with them.

So, to make sure that you will make the right decisions, He needs to go with you, and you need to die to yourself, so He can grow inside of you!

But, on the other hand, if we read about the dry bones and how the Lord wants them to resurrect, we must understand the balance of things!

There comes an end to the purification process; He will fill you with His Spirit! To make the dry bones live, they need to connect, and they need to be covered with flesh! We are the bones, and we need each other to get connected, to create ONE BODY! And to get the flesh, we must believe that there comes an end to the purification! When we face our Golgotha (Hebrew word for skull meaning without flesh), we die, but we also will resurrect!

Before we can connect with each other, we must go through that purification process, but we also need each other because it is possible that what I have you have not and what you have I have not!

We need to reach out to each other!

Let me give you an example: I do not eat meat. And there came a day in my life where the Lord revealed to me I needed to eat vitamin B12. Because I felt sick, and it turned out I lacked that vitamin.

But there came a moment, I felt sick again, and I needed to use the vitamins again, only this time I overeat! So again, I felt ill!

BALANCE is the keyword! Without specific skills, we cannot adequately serve each other. Still, having too many particular skills or certain attitudes (meaning that it will end up in control or too many rules and protocol), we can't serve others either!


( Jewish custom in the Synagogue, to tell the others, do not take this seat I am coming back)

After we convert, we learn to know the crucified Messiah.

We walk with Him through the desert period (hot days and cold nights.)

This represents people will leave you, and the fire of G-d will purify you. Going to Gethsemane (Hebrew word meaning Olive press, the crushing of olives so the oil can be harvest. Representing, we will face pressure, but anointing will come.)

And then we finally face our Golgotha. (Hebrew word for skull = being without flesh) After the "period of the three dark days."

(Yeshua conquered Sheol*) (Abba will cleanse the hidden corners of our heart and soul, so we are ready to meet "the risen King!" He will fill us with His glory, His power.

Isaiah 28: 28-29 "When crushing grain for bread, one doesn't thresh it forever; one drives the horse and cartwheels over it but doesn't crush it to powder. This too comes from ADONAI-Tzva'ot – his counsel is wonderful, his wisdom great."

Today the Lord is telling us:

"Those who are at the end of the purification process need to stand!***

And just as Lazarus, you need to come out of your cave! Allow Me to connect the dry bones and believe that I Am will give you back your flesh!

But this time, it is MY FLESH, MY glory that will come upon your dry bones! And I will breathe MY breath into you as I did with Adam! I will set My daughters free because Eve came out of the side of Adam and not out of his feet or out of his head. You are equal in My Spirit! When I can connect you, the head bone connected to the shoulder bone, and so on, I can give you your flesh back!

(Represents you live in HIM.) And you start walking with HIM.

If you allow Me, I will walk with you as once the cloud was there and the fire was there with Moshe! I will use you to show My love, to others and it will break every yoke! You need to tell them that "I Am" the G-d of the second chances, and I will help them if they fall!

When a child is starting to learn to walk and is falling, grabbing the tablecloth, and everything is falling on the ground, the mother will clean the mess, and kiss the child, and encourage it to try again to walk without falling, so will I do the same, when my children make a mistake! I will clean the mess, kiss you and encourage you to start all over again!

Now hear my voice as I Am saying:



*** We left Egypt (the ways of the world), then walked through the Jordan River (River of death meaning end of our carnal ways of thinking) and we entered Canaan.

(Representing the heart of the Father) With the Israelite's, this all happened while they were ON this earth. And so, it is with us! We are IN Him, but in the world, we will face problems, and there will be giants. But when we look at our problems as Joshua and Caleb did, through the eyes of the Spirit, we can conquer every giant.

The purification process will end. But we always will walk as people who live a crucified life,

The purification led to brokenness!

Now we obey HIM without walking with bit and bridle! Egypt came out of us. No slave mentality, but we learned to soar in the Spirit.

* Sheol (Sheʾōl) is a place of darkness, silence, and dust to which the spirit, or vital principle, descends at death.

Hisgalus 1 (Book Of Revelations)

18 And HaChai (The Living One), and I became Niftar, I had my histalkus (passing), and, hinei, Chai Ani l’Olam va’ed (I am alive forevermore) and I have the maftekhot haMavet (keys of Death) and the maftekhot haShe’ol (keys of the abode of the Dead).

Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle, or they will not obey you. We left “Egypt” and “Egypt” is also out of us.

Meaning, we willingly follow HIM, and we willingly crucify the flesh. We are filled with His glory and His power! But we lean upon The Beloved!

They walk without bit and bridle and follow the Lord willingly!

On the bells of the horses, we read Holy To The Lord. Consecrated and “Set Apart.”

Exodus 28:36

You are to make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it as on a seal: HOLY TO THE LORD.

Zechariah 14:20

20 On that day, HOLY TO THE LORD will be inscribed on the bells of the horses, and the cooking pots in the house of the LORD will be like the sprinkling bowls before the altar.

Kefa I 3:18 1 Petrus 3:18

Orthodox Jewish Bible

18 Because, indeed, Moshiach suffered once on behalf of chatta’im (sins), a Tzaddik (righteous one) on behalf of the chote’im (unrighteous ones, sinners), that he might bring you to Hashem he, having been in the basar [TEHILLIM 16:9-10] put to death, yet, in the Ruach Hakodesh, having been made alive [4:6]; [see Isa 53:8]

Read full chapter

Kefa I 3:18 in all English translations

Thus, saith the Lord

“Dance, My bride. Dance, daughter of Tzyion, the dance of liberty. Dance, My daughter, Dance.

Drop those bandages. Come out of your hiding place. I AM is calling you by your name!

Stand. Stand. I will increase (promote) you. Dance. Dance the dance of liberty.

Take of the bandages.

The smell of myrrh is filling the room. Your beauty may be seen. Stand up, Lazarus. Stand up, daughter of Tzyion.

Stand up.

The light will come over you. Dance the dance of liberty.

I AM is blowing. I AM is blowing over you with the wind of My Spirit.

Come! Stand up. Stand up. Stand up.

I AM is calling you! Dance, My love.

Dance your dance of freedom!”

I saw a golden door handle and the door went open. I saw a person come out of bandages and Yeshua on a white horse. His hand took the hand of His daughter, His Bride.

It is time to stand up in the freedom of the Ruach Hakodesh, the Holy Spirit!

This word is for some individuals (daughters of Yeshua), but also for the Bride — The Body of Yeshua!

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