• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

Different Messages For The New Week!

Shavua Tov Mispoche In our LORD!

For those, who have a calling in the area of unity ( Gathering people)

Your ship is starting to sail! As long as you stay in HIM and obey HIM, doors will open, so you can do what you are sent for!

Please, read the latest message on my blog, Wells Are Often Stopped-Up by our “Enemies”! Because among those, who need to travel, some surely can use this word..

Turn -arounds can sometimes cause some strange situations, where you see "enemies" all of a sudden turn into weapon carriers ( they want to come with you and help you)

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And for those who are still in the "waiting modus" and face rejection,

Rejection is a given chance to find new courage in yourself, to discover hidden talents. It is the fuel to dig deeper and build your self-confidence. If we get things too easy too soon, there is a chance we will also lose it soon. Rejection is one of the stones with which we build our dream. Think positive, and later on, when you walk in your >G-d -Given< destiny, you can thank those who rejected you as a person or rejected you for getting that job. Ultimately, they helped you not settle for the easy way because perseverance, optimism, and hard labor brought you more than walking on the easy path and settling for less!

And for all of us, the Aaronic blessing to start our new with!