• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

Divine Unity

"A deep longing for recovery and unity grows in many hearts.

But don't try to create it yourself now.

Only I, says the Father, can and will bring this restoration.

To the honor and glory of My Name.

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#PictureCredit Chang Duon Unsplash

I weave the lines of the end-time network.

Only then will it be solid and durable!

What I ask of you, can I see forgiveness in your heart?

Are you willing to give Me your disappointment so that I can heal that spot in your heart?

The desert time was long and focused on the individual.

Friendships have been torn; some have seen everything fall apart. Some hearts were and still are filled with bitterness.

Once you focus on ME and realize that it is all about ME, there won't and can't be any more bitterness.

I Am going to create Divine Unity, are you ready?"