• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

Gut Shabbes

Shalom Mispoche, Friends, Followers,

Abba ( Father) shows me, that many of us had a hard year, or are still going through some tough situations.

Hakol Beseder B'Eli Haseder Everything is in Order Within the Chaos

Hashgacha Pratis Divine Providence - Everything that happens to a Jew, everything he or she sees, hears, feels or learns happens for a special reason. there is no chance; there is no coincidence.

Be honest to the ONE who is in charge of everything. Tell HIM what you feel and think, and then listen... Follow HIS instructions, HE is in charge! And for now, prepare for the Shabbes! Rest in Him, and allow HaShem, to refresh you, in spirit, soul and mind.

Gut ( erev) Shabbes, watch HIM move, on your behalf!

I chose this card, of the Kotel, because we all know, prayer produces the fuel, or oil, to keep us going! ~ Mamme D'Vorah