• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

My Advice TRUST HIM & Surrender!

If we really want a relationship with HaShem, our carnal mindset will have to die.

He has His perfect strategy for that.

PIT: Prophet or People In Training

Prison: Learning to serve in the most challenging situations.

Palace: You will receive your task or divine calling.

A gardener knows that after pruning the flowering becomes extra beautiful.

I've had to lay down my ministry and foundation. And I sat alone at His feet for years. You couldn't find anything about me on the Internet. My website, social media everything was gone.

I started from the bottom up.

I even had to leave a prophetic website where many prophets of G-d share the words He gives them.

After serving for about 30 years, I had to start all over again. And He took the time, He took me by the hand, and led me step by step.

But I found myself, can love myself, and learned to lean only on the Beloved!

I may stand in my Jewish identity, ---- which I was allowed to find by G-d, who opened hidden doors and even showed me a family tree that a friend of the family had made.---- and to live and act in Him.

I really processed my past and all the deep things I had to go through and now I am free, really free!

Many people think they love themselves. But often we love who we THINK we are, or the character we've identified with!

Dare to be honest with HIM, only He can peel us off, remove all pain, anger, fear and insecurity. I've been so devastated that I couldn't do anything anymore. Hyperventilation and anxiety attacks prevented me from really living. I went through various serious illnesses, but in all cases He suddenly cured me. At my weakest point, He enveloped me with HIS perfect love. He is now my ALL in ALL.

And now I have arrived at the last P. The Palace.

I received my divine assignment. Being a Spiritual Mother.

To offer others a listening ear, being a transformation coach who is receiving a Rhema Word. An accurate word from G-d for a specific situation.

I have the privilege of coaching and equipping Kingdom leaders and aspiring leaders, and much more.

But no longer because I want to BE SOMEONE. I am HIS child, how much more precious can it become?

He taught me to serve HIM by serving others with the wisdom HE gives. And to honor HIM in everything and everywhere, to always point to HIM. Blessed be HIS name.

I can only say to all of you, >Trust HIM< and surrender to His plan.

He who has promised IS faithful!

Mamme Yiddish for mother!
Mamme D'Vorah