• Mamme D'Vorah Pnina Meijer

My Sukkot Thoughts.

Five months ago we were evicted from the Machanayim house.

On the day of the remembrance of our dead during the Holocaust.

Five months later we are sitting in the room with 1 mattress, 1 bed and 2 chairs.

I do my work for the Lord sitting on a bed.

As it gets colder, we are still walking, in the few summer clothes we were able to grab on our hasty departure. And we have come no further after the debacle of a fraudster who promised us work and a home.

Because the houses are expensive, the money we once had, is in the Machanayim house, where we had a studio for the broadcasts, guest rooms for when leaders came to visit, for a bootcamp, and so on, but now we are waiting on the LORD, Who promised us, in HIS good /perfect time, to open our sea.

But at this moment as I write this, I experience our little shelter as a Sukkot.

And as shabby as it may seem to others, HaShem is so close.

Besides, HaShem is tangibly present all this time!

Even before I found the right words to tell Him this morning in my prayer, how I felt, He gave me two psalms. Psalm 86 and 25.

If there should be anyone among you who thinks, "How do you know G-d gave you those psalms?" I have a photographic memory, but as far as the Bible is concerned, I just can't get it into my head, where exactly the texts are standing.

When I once asked Him out of deep frustration:

"Why can't I, what the guests who come in our radio program can?

Reciting a text from the head, with the exact place where it can be found?"

Was His answer loud and clear. "So that you always will know, that a scripture comes directly from ME, which I let you look up. For yourself and your own situation(s), but also if it concerns a scripture that you must give to others on behalf of ME.

Not by might, nor by your flesh, and carnal thinking, but through MY Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit."

Sukkot begins tonight. And today I'm in a musing mood. HaShem asks me to share word for both, Jew and Christian, to bring them closer together, because HE is one G-d and because HIS flock must become one.

But what did I run into in the beginning?

Christians who did not understand why I am studying Torah, Jews who ask me to deny the existence of Jesus, so the outcome I've got from this new adventure is; I do not belong to the both of them, but I stand in the middle between both camps, to be a instrument in HIS hands, to unite them. (Machanayim The Two Camps of the Lord :)

I am not here to Convert Christians or Convert Jews!

At one point the LORD gave an image upon my spiritual eye.

I saw the sea break open, but where in the story of Exodus the waves rise on both sides, now I saw the Christians on one side and the Jews stood on the other, and I walked in between them.

I am not calling myself Messianic, Christian, Religious Jew - because I am Not belonging to Christianity nor to Judaism, I belong to G-d only. I am a little oil lamp**, filled with HIS anointing, HIS oil, a candle, attached to one of the arms of HIS Menorah, and connected to the middles shaft***, just like Enoch who was intimately connected to G-d and walked with His G-d 24-7-365!

**Enoch, who walked with the Lord and whose name means disciplined, initiated, and also called the Lord's candlestick, shows you the truth behind the Menorah by how he lived with his G-d!

To be a candlestick, knitted to the foot! Only by dying to ourselves can we become attached to Him!

I will re-share a study again, LORD willing, a study HE once gave me about the secret behind the Menorah.

***Yeshua represents the middle shaft, our coming Moshiach, who always pointed to THE FATHER when He walked on earth as the humble servant Jesus, who walked with/in Him, and who said "I and the Father are ONE."

Yochanan 10:30

30 I and HaAv are echad. [DEVARIM 6:4; TEHILLIM 33:6; BERESHIS 2:24]

BUT I am not here to Convert Christians or Convert Jews!

It must become ONE Flock, but not by power, nor by might, but by MY Ruach HaKodesh /Holy Spirit) says the Lord!

Thankful for who I am and even more for WHO HE IS! Thankful for a bed to sleep, a roof above our head, for our food, and above everything else, all FOR HIS LOVE!

Chag Sukkot Sameach.

Dezerto Floro A Flower Which Blooms, In Spite Of Adversity.

D'Vorah Meijer.


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