Our Suddenly Has Come

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Our Abba set the pawns! We are excited to see HIS hand move. Soon, we will share some exciting news!

Our #suddenly has come, different then we thought, but we are speechless too, because we realized again, that we serve a mighty G-d!

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When I had to send the word about the suddenly which many of us expect,

The "suddenly" you expected is near, but it will also be an unexpected surprise. It is perhaps not what you expected, but as you embrace the will of the Lord, you will see it is exactly what suits you!

I wasn't aware, how close we were to this moment ourselves!

And I could not have imagined how different our suddenly is, in compare with what we thought and expected! But we are overwhelmed by the greatness of the Lord! And we embrace the plan of our Abba. We already know it suits us perfectly!

We all need to go with the flow! We can trust our Lord and he will not bring us back to the former comfort zone, He will lead us further on higher ground! Even more and deeper depending on Him than ever before!

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