• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

Real Friends Short Testimony

Today I saw this message on LinkedIn and I felt in my heart, Abba ( father) wanted me

to give a short testimony.

 Mirrors don't lie and Shadows never leave.
Owner : Unknown
We can read on the picture Friends who are both Mirrors and Shadows. Mirrors don't lie and Shadows never leave.

But when the sun is right on us, there is no shadow. To me, it means that when we see HIS light and stand in the middle of it, we obey HIM.

When I had cancer, my friends left me alone for a while;

The Heavenly Father had asked them to let me go for a while, giving me the chance to lean on my LORD alone.

At the end of the treatment, and after the night, I was dying, but suddenly colored and warmed up again, and came back, the cancer was still there.

But on the scan they made to prepare me for the next treatment, they suddenly saw nothing. It was completely gone!

This was almost 22 years ago! True friends who believe in G-d will obey HIM. Then the light shines from above, and their shadow is gone for a brief moment, giving HIM the space to become our All in All!

Tehillim 36

9 (10)(10) For with Thee is the Makor Chayyim (fountain of life); in Thy Ohr shall we see ohr.

9 For with You is the fountain of life;in Your light we see light.

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