She Carries The Banner Of The Lord

As I watch the news and see how women are being treated all over the world as second-hand citizens I'm so thankful that our Abba is different.

I'm busy writing a study He is giving me to help HIS "end-time weapon" HIS daughters to be set free, to find their task in these end-time days.


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The time of #manifestation of our spiritual child given by God is near. Surround yourself with people who have faith. Surround yourself with those who are #anointed to stand strong. Who carries the breaker anointing. Do not allow negative thoughts or negative words coming out of your mouth. #Miracle Time!

As soon as the study for the daughters is ready I will post it here!

But ladies, one thing is for sure, it is time to arise and shine!

I hope to restart our NiedGalah ( Media) army of women soon! NiedGalah (. דֶּ֫גֶל (degel) -- a standard, banner ) is banner. NiedGelah

She carries the Banner of The Lord!

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