Snow On The Mountain Top.

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People on LinkedIn are very often talking about leadership and success.

I am a Kingdom Leader called by God.

I am not saying this to boast, but to point out that the messages the Father is giving me are of a very different purport from those of the world's leadership.

The journey that must be made to get to the top of His holy mountain takes courage, honesty, persistence, and determination!

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Once at the top, you will see snow. White snow without a footstep.

The meaning: You are standing on Sacred Ground. Pure and beautiful! The new beginning! The Son, born IN you!

You will not see the top without going through valleys. But every valley will make you stronger (He in you gets more space while you get weaker)

I invite you to take that journey with me!

Father is calling me to stand! And to be a travel guide!

When leaders lead in Israel,

When the people willingly offer themselves,

Bless the Lord! - Judges 5:

Then sang Devorah and Barak ben Avinoam on that day, saying, 2 Barachu Hashem that the strong in Yisroel put forth strength, that the people willingly offered themselves

וואויל טאָג Vaoyl Tog Blessed Day. Shavua tov שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב

Gut Voch גוט וואָך Blessed Week!


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Yochanan and Cathy.

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