• Mamme D'Vorah Pnina Meijer

The Day Of New Beginnings

Dear subscribers,

In this just started Jewish New Year, I have created a website for our Beit-Zata Congregation.

The Link https://www.beitzata.com

The link for this old website remains www.dezertofloro.com

Be sure to whitelist us! Or check your spam-box!

This website and blog will continue with the same kind of posts you've come to expect from us.

If you want to receive the posts of this blog, relax, because you are still subscribed. Only the website address has changed.

If you want to receive the blog posts of the new website https://www.beitzata.om

you need to subscribe over there.

And again, take care you whitelist us.

I hope you take us in your prayers!

Looking forward to see what the LORD has more in store for us!

In HIS service, D'Vorah Meijer.


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