• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

The point of no return!

Prophetic word for?!

The point of no return! ( You cannot afford to go back, you need to walk on, and go with HIS flow)

Prophetic word for?!

The point of no return!

You are at a point in your life where everything seems to be stuck.

You feel like you are choking that you are locked up in a room without a window, where at least some light can shine through.

You have arrived at the crucial point. The door that leads you inexorably to your ultimate task.

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Oddly enough, you know it deep down. But there is chaos in your head.

You want to, but on the other hand, you only see obstacles, and not just some small bumps in the road; no, these obstacles are of the caliber that frightens you and makes you insecure.

As long as you don't step into what you know G-d is calling you to, you will feel more and more that the walls are not just enclosing you but coming towards you to pulverize you eventually! Take the time for prayer, and then don't just talk but know to listen to the voice that will lead you to the outcome.

Listen... Obey!

What appears to be the end is, in fact, the beginning of what you've been waiting for. But for such a long time, that you can hardly believe it anymore.

The Lord is doing what only HE can do, but this is also the point where you can't sit down and wait... Start moving on the wind of His Spirit... And in no time, it will be such a natural move that you will dance in His Spirit, and it is the dance to your freedom to be as HE created you finally.