• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

The Real Me!

First of all, I wish you a lovely week with authenticity, friendship, purity, and health.

But we live in a world where success seems to be the magic word for happiness.

More and more, I see how we lose the ability to see each other, for whom we are, and to listen to each other, to what we try to say. We have created a fake world on the internet where everyone is slim and very handsome, where we can put 100 things in a day and still manage to keep meaningful relationships.

What Is Real Success? That we humans can find ourselves again. Authenticity Purity And Quality.

No Dinners With The Mobile.

Nowadays, we see tables filled with people who don’t look at each other but stare at the screen. The person behind the success is more critical than the delusion of what we have made of it. It’s close to my heart.

In the past 32 years, I have gained practical experience during my conversations with the person behind the great success. Often their housemates no longer recognized the father, brother, sister, mother, who more and more appeared during these conversations. And even more, the person who had the appointment with me hardly recognized their true identity and true colors!

It is precisely THIS person that I want to bring back to the limelight. Change the world start with yourself.

Let’s take the journey that will lead us back to ourselves and our true identity.

A peaceful and meaningful day!

In 2010 D’Vorah started a family House to coach, train, equip, and advise Kingdom leaders. She is also the founder of WOP. Women Of Power is helping women stand in their Divine calling! She serves as a transformation coach for women who have health problems as an Expert by Experience. Since 2011, Mamme D’Vorah Rhema Coaching has had the privilege of providing guidance and wisdom to all types of people and organizations. The Machanayim Family House and Mamme D’Vorah Rhema Coaching are branches of the DezertoFloro Foundation.

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