• Mamme D'Vorah Pnina Meijer

The Days Of New Beginnings!

Rhema word for...

"What seems Death, I will bring back to Life!

The desert and the dry land will be glad; the Aravah will rejoice and blossom like the lily!

The desert will rejoice, and flowers will bloom in the wastelands."

Before we can set fire to others, we need to possess the land. A lot has been lost, literally and spiritually, and the LORD wants to breathe life into the dry bones and wants to resurrect what has been laying as waste land!

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Strategies is what I hear! The war strategies of David which we will receive by sitting at the LORD’s feet!

It is time to get the things back that have been stolen. And we do that by open our mouths. And call forth those things that the LORD brings into our hearts.

Warriors who are called for this, need to sit at His feet and fight the good fight. What they birth in HIS Spirit, we will later on see come to pass for real.

Crucial point: You need to know YOUR task and obey HIM in every inch of the way!

It seems we are divided because some are in their Canaan while others start the journey to cross over!

"Do not worry," says the LORD. "You will come together as the fire

starts to spread (flash-over) to all who are around you!"

First, we make the environment ready for the days to come. We need to get back certain things literally and spiritually!

"In My army," says the LORD, "there is no chaos, but order and you need to fix your eyes on Me!"

"For some among you it is high time to clean house, (Literally & Spiritually).

Others need to come and sit at My feet so I can talk to them about the new steps, I want them to take.

Some of the “front liners” need to take some rest and focus on the new thing that I have given to them.

MY FIRE is spreading slowly but secure! Now it is important that each of you knows who you are, what your task is, what I AM is asking you to do!

And remember victory is yours as long as you follow Me and My guidance!"

A word I received a long time ago, but I have to re-send it.

This is the third sign, I receive, that it is the day of new beginnings! The wind that has been blowing for such a long time, will finally lay down. But although that is good news, it is time to clean the mess, this storm has caused, and each of us need to know, where HE calls you to stand, to work, so let us follow HIM!


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