Time to move in the divine calling the Lord has given you.

In the days to come, you will see HIS hand cut off branches that are no longer useful for HIS plans.

The tree can grow even better after pruning.

Focus on HIS voice, HIS word, and see how the Lord will open the door unexpectedly.

The time for “romantic feelings about the calling “is over!

Look around, says the Lord, and see the waves reach the beach faster and faster and higher and higher.

As the contractions during labor.

Concentrate on the birth of your divine calling in these end-time days.

"How," Do you say? By listening to My voice, reading My word, and obeying me completely, in total surrender!

Cathy Meijer DTh. DD (hc) | Lectures | Mentor | Advising |

Yochanan and Cathy.

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