• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

To Recognize The Good!

Dear Mispoche,

I received a word from HasHem, which can be an answer for some of you, because of the situation you are going trough.

There is a time for praying, ( asking, plead, and so on) and a time to thank and give praise!

Today Abba gave me Psalm 67 and it says exactly the same thing.

At its most basic level, a bracha is a means >>>to recognize the good <<< that G-d has given us.


There is a time for praying, (asking pleading) and there is a time for thanking, ( faith trust) while resting in Him!

For those who are going through deep situations,

I pray, that it speaks to your heart too.

Concentrate on HIM, and allow HIM to lead you while you thank Him, and ponder about HIS goodness!

Go start thanking Him, praising Him, not to get something, or thinking of what might happen.

“My sacrifice, O G-d, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, G-d, will not despise” (Psalm 51:17).

67 (For the one directing. On Neginot. With stringed instruments. Mizmor. Shir.) Elohim be channun (gracious) unto us, and put a brocha upon us; and may He make His face to shine upon us. Selah.

2 (3) That Thy Derech may be known upon HaAretz, Thy Yeshuah (salvation) among kol Goyim.

3 (4) Let the Amim praise Thee, O Elohim; let kol Amim praise Thee.

4 (5) O let the peoples be glad and sing for joy, for Thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the peoples upon HaAretz. Selah.

5 (6) Let the people praise Thee, O Elohim; let kol Amim praise Thee.

6 (7) Then shall eretz yield her yevul (increase, produce, harvest); and Elohim, even Eloheinu,>>> shall put a brocha upon us.<<<

7 (8) Elohim shall bless us; and kol afsei aretz (all the ends of the earth) shall fear Him.

H͎a͎s͎h͎e͎m͎ ͎i͎s͎ ͎m͎y͎ ͎o͎z͎ ͎&͎ ͎z͎i͎m͎r͎a͎h͎ ͎H͎e͎ ͎i͎s͎ ͎m͎y͎ ͎Y͎e͎s͎h͎u͎a͎h͎ ͎"͎S͎a͎l͎v͎a͎t͎i͎o͎n͎"͎

~~ Mamme