• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

Together We Are Stronger!

As a non-profit foundation we don't have to worry about the selling numbers.

But we do talk about how to be a good team and how to communicate without getting confusion.

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Quote: Christine Caine

Yesterday evening we had dinner together and as I looked to each and everyone, I realized what a beautiful team we are together. For more then 15 years!

How each of us has a certain skill, and all those skills together, makes the foundation blossom.

I told them that without any regret or doubt I could honor each of them. We all have a powerful skill which no one else has. Why on earth should we be jealous of each other?

We are a jigsaw puzzle each on our own special place, so that together we make a beautiful picture.

Look around your team and respect everyone's skills, the result will be that everyone will flourish and together you will be incredibly powerful.