• Rabba D'Vorah Meijer

Turning Limitations Into Possibilities

What could be more challenging than turning limitations into possibilities! However, if we ignore "the holes in the bucket," the water of success will be wasted immediately.

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Picture : Colorful Houses Source: WIX

Each of us is unique!

Behind the most common abilities that we immediately notice and always admire and reward, perhaps more minor, almost invisible skills can be found worth unpacking. When we focus on people's abilities, we shouldn't ignore their unique personalities to efficiently help them uncover hidden treasures.

For that which is already deep within them, perhaps something not visible at first glance, but visible to sensitive eyes, need to be brought out so that others can see it too!

If we no longer see people as having uniformity and look for the differences that exist, we can do justice to everyone.

And last but certainly not least, working with the brain or hands, such a distinction is made between them while both are necessary!

If we appreciate each other in everything we are and what we can do and no longer validate the "high and low" framework, a completely different climate arises!

We are people. And everyone needs to hear, "You did a fantastic job," from the doctor who successfully completed a transplant to the girl behind the cash register who runs after someone to return the forgotten wallet.

We all are equal! But we also are unique! We need each other to build a happy and stable environment.

The guy on the stage playing the piano needed someone who makes pianos.

The successful company who just had a visit of an important client, and got the deal, also depended on the person who made the coffee, and the cleaning lady who took care of the office to make it representable!

The doctor who operated and successfully solved the problem must also shake hands with the team responsible for disinfecting the operating room!

Everyone wants to hear, "You did a fantastic job."

Where there is an appreciation for the individual, you will see people blossoming!